Primeval EAA Sleep 30sv

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Not only is EAA Sleep designed to help with better quality rest each night, but it also provides you with essential amino acids to help the body recover from training and activity.

Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) are vital to your ability to maintain, repair, and build muscle. EAA’s are really what you need to maximize muscle growth and accelerate recovery.

Your body requires all nine essential amino acids in order to build muscle. The BCAA’s comprise just three of the nine aminos required for protein synthesis. If you’re only supplementing with BCAA’s you’re starving your body of the rest of the EAA’s it needs for tissue repair and growth. Plus, research has pretty conclusively shown that EAA’s are superior to BCAA’s in just about every category, including everything from muscle growth to performance.

EAA Sleep is the perfect formula to end you night with.