American Metabolix Exile SS Super Shock Fat Burner 30c 30sv

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Extreme Fat Burner

  • Metabolic Enhancement
  • No Crash Technology
  • Fat Incinerating Matrix
  • Positive Mood Support


American Metabolix knows that if you’re looking to shred up, it comes down to calories in vs. calories out. While this may sound simple, that means cutting calories and increasing the amount of calories you’re burning in training and that’s certainly no picnic. Not as bad starting out, you’ll quickly find that food cravings suck and your energy takes a dive.

Exile Super Shock was created to keep your energy levels high during your cutting phase and to help take the edge off of those pesky food cravings. Not leaving the mental aspect untouched, Exile Super Shock also features ingredients to elevate your mood, leaving you in a nice euphoric state while stripping away body fat like never before.