SYNTRAX Goliath Protein Gainer Bag, 12 Pound

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Syntrax created Goliath in response to the cry for a superior quality protein gainer at the best price possible.  Instead of sugars, fats and low quality proteins, Goliath predominantly contains complex carbohydrates and a mixture of the best proteins on the market.  Goliath mixes instantly with a spoon, tastes great and features a simple but powerful formula, maximized for promoting muscle growth and recovery. This combination produces a foundation for a protein gainer that towers above the rest.

Unlike other meal replacements and gainers that rely heavily on fats to increase caloric density, Goliath contains the least amount of fat possible. Staying away from simple sugars, Goliath utilizes only long-chain carbohydrates derived from nutritious starches. These complex carbohydrates supply the foundational calories that a person requires for increased lean body mass and whole body recovery. Even though this approach costs more, it is a small price to pay for better health and better results.

Syntrax has engineered a product that causes other gainers to tremble in the shadows . . . a true Goliath amongst the ordinary.