Product Review: Fuel Your Day with Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition

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Product Review: Fuel Your Day with Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy is a powerful amino acid powder that can help you train harder and remain more alert during workouts. It’s one of the most popular powdered energy drinks on the market, combining BCAA’s with arginine and caffeine to help support long-lasting energy. The fitness team at SupZilla has taken apart the ingredients to gain a better understanding of how it works and how it can affect your body.

Amino Blend

The amino blend contains 14 different amino acids including taurine, L-arginine, beta alanine and several others. Taurine can promote stronger heart function and is proven to help against congestive heart failure. It is not considered an “essential” amino acid because it can be provided by your diet. It is found in many foods including meat and fish. L-Arginine is also used to strengthen heart and blood vessel conditions, including congestive heart failure, chest pain, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. Beta Alanine helps promote endurance in the muscles by acting as an acid buffer. By inhibiting lactic acid production, this allows the muscles to last longer.

Energy Blend

The energy blend contains caffeine that comes from green tea extract. The caffeine content is at 160 mg, which is comparable to an average espresso drink or energy beverage. Generally we would recommend the Amino Energy drink to be your only pre-workout stimulant, as it likely provides all the caffeine that you may normally get from a morning coffee.

Key Benefits of Amino Energy from ON

  • Green Tea Extract-based caffeine, providing a smoother and less jittery energy alternative to coffee, with easy and adjustable dosing.
  • Beta Alanine in the formula enables you to train longer and experience less fatigue.
  • Coupled with the remaining BCAA’s, the formula helps build and retain lean muscle mass.
  • Overall, the amino blend is effective at supporting muscle recovery and protein synthesis before, during, or after major workouts.

The Verdict

Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition is a great tool for helping you train longer and experience less fatigue than you normally would. The formula is a combination of natural caffeine and fast-absorbing branch chain amino acids to help provide a quick energy boost and enhance muscle endurance. Essential amino acids are important for building muscle, and beta alanine helps boost endurance along with the caffeine.

As with any stimulant, there are always the potential for side effects, including increased anxiety and an overstimulated, unfocused feel. Thankfully it is easy to adjust how much of a dose you take depending on your caffeine tolerance. It is important to listen to your body to determine your needs when trying a new product.

This is a strong, fast-acting product that is helpful to boost energy and performance. Although it can be taken any time, we generally recommend taking it pre-workout to increase its effectiveness. If your workout needs a quick boost, give the Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition a try!