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What is Whey Protein? Whey protein is a mixture of proteins in whey, which is a byproduct of cheese production. It’s usually sold as a flavored powder, which is added to shakes, meal replacements and protein bars. Benefits of Whey Protein The proteins in whey are of a very high quality. They’re loaded with essential amino acids, including leucine and cysteine. Types of Whey Protein: Concentrate vs Isolate vs Hydrolysate There are several popular types of whey protein. Their main difference is in the way they have been processed. Concentrate: About 70–80% protein; contains some lactose (milk sugar) and fat...

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Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy is a powerful amino acid powder that can help you train harder and remain more alert during workouts. It’s one of the most popular powdered energy drinks on the market, combining BCAA’s with arginine and caffeine to help support long-lasting energy. The fitness team at SupZilla has taken apart the ingredients to gain a better understanding of how it works and how it can affect your body. Amino Blend The amino blend contains 14 different amino acids including taurine, L-arginine, beta alanine and several others. Taurine can promote stronger heart function and is proven to help against...

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